Need: Decent headphones for iPhone 1st Generation, Budget £50
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Feb 13, 2009
Hi All,

My budget is a very lenient one so if there is a much better pair of headphones for a little bit more (like £50 more) then that's OK.

Before I've just stuck with the stock apple headphones. But they keep dying on me. So I'm going to spend a little more and get a better pair of headphones.

I've looked at some Sennheiser CX 500s, Sony MDR-EX71SLWs, Sennheiser CX 400 IIs and some Groove Buds Noise Isolating Hi-Fi Quality In Ear Earphone (Black) Ecos. But have never heard them. And was hoping to also have a microphone for the iPhone but none of these do.

OK thanks a lot.

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Generally I listen to a lot of podcasts some radio style podcasts and some trance ones.

I listen to a bit of rock, a bit of pop, a bit of trance, little to no rap or R&B, a bit of dance/techno/electro. A bit of everything I guess.

I like bass but i don't want it to be overpowering. I like being cocooned by the sound.
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have pm'd you my thoughts on them as ive part written a review of them but not ready to go up here yet and more detail than id be likely to go into here, im lazy you know.

btw i did randomly think of the nuforce ne-7, it would have the mic u want and is supposed to be be good
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Etymotic HF2

Almost bought the HF5 (non-mic version) - these have the same drivers but include a mic that is compatible with the iphone. review

Plus, they're £84.99 and free shipping
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Those Etymotic's look great so I think I'm going to have to go with them especially as they have a microphone

Thanks a bunch


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