Need DAC Advice
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Aug 2, 2013
I am currently using a Schiit Modi, and was wondering if anyone could lend some advice. This is actually my second time owning a Modi. Sold the first one and a few months later ended up with another one 
So anyways, sometimes when using the Modi i feel like the treble can be a bit harsh, and was hoping someone could recommend something different in a similar price range.
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I have heard good things about the Magni. I also use a Modi, and I have some DT-990/600. I haven't noticed harshness in the high end, not that it's not their, I just haven't noticed. Do other headphones/amps still give you harsh highs?
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Oh no, be picky, that's part of the fun! If you don't like it, it doesn't matter if everyone else says it's great. I just don't want you to buy another DAC and still have the issue. Do you have access to some other headphones to try.
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I don't notice it as much with the AD-700. Might have been to quick to blame the DAC.
Hmm, Im going to mess with it more tomorrow, I'm about to pass out at my computer.
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Not to sure at this point..
I still might want to try a different DAC i mean don't get me wrong i love Schiit, but i'm just not to sure. Then again there is LOTS of stuff i would like to try, but i can't afford any of it. haha


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