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Need: Closed monitors with good positioning

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bazant, Jun 27, 2012.
  1. BazAnt

    I'm doing professional records from games with mostly live commentary. I'm looking for good monitors for this purpose.
    I currently use CAL! for production (monitoring) and Sennheiser IE8 for post-production. IE8 is great, but I can't talk in IEMs - my ears are vibrating. On the other hand CAL! has nice isolation and acceptable sound quality, but in some games I need good positioning which those headphones lack - with more than one source all sound blends so I can't tell exact distance or direction. On the other hand IE8 is great in it, I can easily locate few sound sources at the same time.
    Sum up: I currently have to use two pairs of headphones.
    Closed can headphones for production and post-production.
    • isolation (no leaking), comfort
    • positioning, SQ (neutral possibly)
    I don't know audiophile language but maybe what would help is called "presence".
    No mic needed, I use separate one.
    Could you suggest what should I buy?
    Ah, budget. Any - the cheaper the better but I won't hesitate to spend more if it will be worthwhile (then I'd need more sure information about separation - here's a great site to check it: quakelive.com).
  2. BazAnt
    Hope to see a reply from someone that knows what's being talked about.

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