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need blutooth on ear headphones please. thanks

  1. ueran2
    hi evryone. i would like to get a recomondation for a blootooth on ear headphones for the price of 100 dollar.
    the quality of the sound is important to great. i know there is many option out there but i realy dont know what to choose. thank you for your help.
  2. yong_shun
    If you can stretch your budget, Sennheiser M2 OE and Sony h.ear on 2 mini will be a good choice.
    Else, Sony CH500 might be a good choice for you :)
  3. Mhog55
    I really enjoyed the Marshall Mid Bluetooth headphones I had. They sound pretty good, but the clamp is a little tight.
  4. toofee
    It depends on what's your device. Does it use aptX(android device)/AAC (IOS device)/LDAC(Sony) audio compression technology to boost sound quality? If the codec of your device and Bluetooth headphones couldn't match, they will revert back to SBC (default subband coding), that will be sounded awful.
  5. yong_shun
    Actually it depends on the recording also. It will be the same result if you are transmitting a 320kbps MP3 using aptX or LDAC. The difference will be more profound when you have loseless files.
  6. toofee
    That's right, but with the same lossless source, the codec is extremely important.
  7. ueran2
    thank you all for your replies. i will chack your suggestion.
    is anybody here knows bluedio blutooth headphones?
  8. yong_shun
    You are right! In audio performance, everything should be performing well together. One limiting factor will restrict the performances of others.

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