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Need Android player matching certain criteria

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by petebull, Mar 16, 2017.
    1. Directory structure navigation or adding to playlist.
    2. Next track preload buffering
    3. Software preamp adequatly built into interface to compensate for Android's insufficient number of volume steps
    Further not necessary but would be cool:
    4. 30-band EQ
    6. Freeware or at least adware
    7. Cue sheet support
    "Music Folder Player" and older versions of "Aimp" match them partly. Are there any other alternatives?
  2. markbrauer
    I have used Folder Player for years. It's free and has no ads. Plays MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and WMA files. Works real well.
    It is simple and it's primary navigation is by directory structure.
    It has a built-in 5 band equalizer.
    If by "next track preload buffering" you mean gapless playback, it does not support this. The gap is less than 1/2 second and is not noticeable on normal tracks with a pause between them, but is disruptive on continuous music.
    There is a "Pro" version that fully supports what it calls "tags" which are it's way of creating playlists.
    I have looked into increasing Android volume steps and the only apps I've found require "rooting" the device. Those that have used them report that they often have problems.
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    There is a prog called "Fine volume control". It requires no root, but I find it a bit inconvenient to use. I wish a player could adjust itself just like "PowerMP3" on Symbian phones.
    Remember installing it and uninstalling it, can't remember why. Bit my fingers maybe ))
    Yep. The thing is, I have a crappy SD card and sometimes the phone suspends audiodevice and goes to sleep if nothing plays for half a second while the card tries to read. Could've changed the SD but i'm stubborn.
    Aimp has the option by the way and a preamp too but it's inconvenient.
  4. markbrauer
    The too-large volume steps is one of the worst features of Android.
    Sadly, Fine Volume Control gets very poor reviews for my device - mostly 1 star.
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Ummm...in order for you to get freeware/adware that would require that the DAP uses some kind of OS that launches apps. That basically means Android, or some other Android-based firmware that kinda runs like Android but has no access to the PlayStore.
    However I can't recall any totally free/adware that has a 30band EQ. At best, you can pay five bucks for Neutron Music Player, which has a parametricEQ that can do up to 10 bands. Since it's parametric that means you won't have to rely on sheer number of bands, because for example a 30band Graphic EQ like Equalizer APO's default setting would have 20hz, 35hz, 45hz, 60hz or so just in the first few bands. When you have a parametric EQ like Neutron you can just select the center frequency, Q-factor, and curve type. So for example if you want the entire low end boosted you don't boost the four bands mentioned, you select "low shelf," set it to a wide Q, and center it at 45hz and that and everything below it gets whatever boost you want with a little bit of boost in the frequencies above 45hz. Or use the default "Peak" EQ (ie like graphic), set a wide Q factor, and set it to 30hz - that basically has the boost centered at 30hz but effects can be as wide as 15hz to 60hz for example (ie, one octave down and up).
    As for Android's volume control, what IEM are you using and what Android are you on now? I had a problem with my 125dB/1mW IEM before on my SGS3, where the fourth press from mute is almost there but the fifth can be "TURN IT DOWN NNNNNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" I had zero issues on the Fiio X1 and X5, and that's with their own Android-based OS. This was eventually fixed with an Android update and player app updates on my SGS3, and there were zero issues at all on my Note3, Note4, and and SGS5 I had to borrow for a couple of months. Chances are you can get the X5III, run it on Android mode with Neutron Music Player for the EQ as well as preamp, while the OS itself isn't likely to have the volume step issue anymore.
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    Thanx. Will try that.
    It's just me being old-fashioned. Ain't even got PlayStore account. Using APKs. The phone is Lenovo A820. Got a firmware with 30 steps of volume instead of 13 but it eats battery too much.
    That's a more subtle and precise thing. But sometimes you'd want to shift every band to make the most uglyly balanced headphones shine.
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Parametric means you can choose the curve type and center frequency plus Q factor, so the point is, you get to surgically correct what is "uglyly balanced" about a headphone you don't like.
    Having 30bands doesn't help if the center frequencies aren't aligned to the exact frequencies where the headphone is "uglyly" or that the Q factor of the bands affects too little or too less around the peak of the problematic frequency.
    30 is like you have 30 dumbfire bombs to drop on the whole area. Parametric means you have 10 or less (4 mostly) bombs some of them are highly explosive but imprecise (wide q-factor), others are tiny payload but bull's eye sharp (narrow q-factor). If headphones are good in balance, they need minor precise changes, others need carpet bombings.
  9. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    1. Neutron has up to 10 bands.
    2. Parametric is like a smart bomb with a laser guidance system. You know, the one with a footage from the F/A-18 and Marine Recon is on the ground lazing the target.
    3. You can create your "carpet bomb" effect by changing the slope/curve type, which I already discussed, like by using a Low Shelf to "dumbfire bomb a whole area" like below 70hz where many headphones are weak or 5000hz to 12000hz where some headphones are too strong.
    Just tried out Foobar 2000. Guess what? No volume slider at all (while controls present in menu). Have to search for custom skins. No EQ at all (while some advanced DSP are present). Gapless is announced at least. Why can't people just make things properly?
    Installed Neutron and seems like it's working without GooglePlay. Dunno for how long. It seems to have a bugging message if you are online unpurchased or on the contrary haven't been online for too long purchased.

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