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Need an advice for setting up a closed, comfort, light weight full-size headphone set

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nageonix, May 21, 2011.
  1. nageonix
    I have just resided in Japan for my graduated study. 
    I plan to set up a small set of full size for using in front of my PC.
    Normally I spend around 8hrs a day in a computer sci research laboratory.
    I have several limitations which are following
    I) There are a plenty of researchers who working near by me, so I couldn't use any open-air.
    II) The 8hrs a day make me unable to use a heavy or uncomfortable headphone. 
    III) My workspace is not so large that I couldn't place a large amp as well as any much wiring.
    My hard-limit budget is 3000$ for a headphone, a headamp/integrated dac, and wires.
    I know that budget could set up a STAX set, which I dreamt about before I lived in Japan. 
    However, The only one model of a closed-type STAX (4070) is too heavy for me (500g++) to spend my long day with.
    As much as I know, most of the in-market semi-top model are open-air or they are so heavy.  
    Thank you very much.
    PS I) I prefer almost all of easy-listening music. (i.e., acoustic). Seldom listen to rock.
    PS II) My sources are a MBP and an iMac which I recently use with my DT1350 and twag-es3x.
  2. Digital-Pride
    Easy listening you say?  Hmm, a few headphone suggestions first:
    Audez'e LCD-2
    Sennheiser HD650
    Now for some amp suggestions:
    Burson Audio HA-160
    Schiit Audio Valhala, Lyr
    Woo Audio 6, 2, 5
    There are quite a few DACs options available for you to choose from or you could look at DAC/amp combinations such as:
    Headroom Ultra Desktop amp
    Burson Audio HA-160D
    Good luck!
  3. LugBug1
    In regards to closed headphones, you could look at Denon D7000 or Audio Technica ATH-W1000X. Dont' think that there are many higher end options for closed back phones.    
  4. padam
    I would probably try an Audio-Technica of some kind (plenty to choose from) to see if you like the comfort/isolation/sound and they are also much cheaper in Japan than anywhere else.
    Otherwise I would recommend the HD250II Linear but it is long time discontinued. It is the most comfortable closed headphone I've ever used because it has minimal clamp and a snug fit and the isolation is also better than other circumaural headphones.
  5. Proglover
    Beyerdynamic T5 could be a good option
  6. nageonix
    So much thanks for your advices. I still I have some questions
    I'm not sure if the LCD2 is a closed headphone. I read some reviews, and I would like to know
    if I can use it continual in a long day. Its weight is quite heavy, i think.
    The Audio-technica hasn't produced the semi-pro model for some times. I wish they will produce some in the near future.
    The T5p & T1, It is called semi-open, so can I use it in my situation?
    What about the Ultrasone closed edition series?
    Thank you
  7. wilzc
    Custom IEMS
  8. nageonix


    Thanks, but I already have my TWag es3x mentioned in ps-2 above.
  9. Proglover


    T1 is open (or semi open if you will), but T5 is the closed version. I don't know how well it isolates exactly, but you could do some searches about that, here's a suggestions to read:
    I don't have experience with the closed tesla though.
    Edition 8 are known to be the ultimate portable and great closed headphones, but I would probably go with T5 for easy listening, Ed.8 for rock.
  10. wilzc
    Ooops, missed the PSII. Well. You've got an insane budget and an insane inventory already. Whats wrong with the es3??
    I guess there is the Ultrasone Edition 8. They're within budget. Dont even need an amp (but of course if you;ve got spare cash why not)
  11. Digital-Pride

    Whoops, I the missed part about you specifying closed headphones.
  12. eucariote
    Ultrasone Edition 8.  Best closed headphone in production imo (I've tried a few).  Don't have big amplification needs either but I like them best with a warm source.  And they're light and very comfortable if your ears aren't huge. 
  13. wilzc
    And if you decided you dont like the Edition 8's I'll gladly buy them off your for HALF PRICE!!
  14. nageonix
    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your helps.
    Many advices make me really interested in ED8. I'm pretty sure it's the best closed FS being the market.
    However, since the T5p was introduced, there many several discusses in comparing it and the ED8. So, I should have compare them myself.
    As I'm living in Japan now, lots of my friend suggest me to try out those Japanese woods. (d7000, dx1000, w1000x, ..).
    I'm not sure if they are comparable with T5p and ED8. 
    I read some reviews, the w1000x is quite attractiveness and interesting, however; it does need a tube amp I think.
    May I have one more question, which kind of amp will match with T5p or ED8
    ( i know that ED8 doesn't need any but some people still prefer pairing it with an amp)
  15. MHinGA
    LCD-2s are open, and despite one comment in the Audez'e thread about isolation to me they provide virtually no isolation; they do leak sound as well. Plus, you said weight was a factor, and the LCD-2 are heavy.
    For your relatively high budget, I'd think that the Ultrasone Ed. 8 would be a natural. The Denon AH-D7000 sound great, but are bigger and heavier than the Ed. 8.

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