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Need amp/DAC help (kind of a different twist)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by got the shakes, Jan 24, 2013.
  1. Got the Shakes
    Ok, I'll try and explain this best I can.  I used my iPhone 5 a lot of times to listen to music and podcasts through the AUX jack on the factory nav radio in my car (it's about 5 years old so it doesn't allow me to plug my phone in via USB).  The problem is that I have to turn the volume way up on my phone and radio for it to be marginally loud when driving so because of that I was thinking of getting a portable amp hoping that it would solve my problem with that.  I was thinking something like the Fiio E11.  Then I got to thinking that since I also listen to music a lot on my MacBook Pro with Creative Aurvana Live! headphones, and soon I'm thinking about picking up UE 6000's, that maybe I should spend a little extra money and get a portable amp/DAC like the Fiio E7K or E17.  It seems as though it could solve the amp issue with my car stereo and also provide me with a better listening experience on my laptop.  I have a few questions.  Am I correct in assuming that an amp would help with my car listening issues?  With the headphones I am using is it worth using a DAC on my MacBook, or will I not really notice a difference?  If I am using an amp or DAC with my iPhone 5 in my car, is the best setup to get the 30 pin lightning adapter and the also buy a LOD with the amp or DAC?  I hope that I explained this well enough and I thank everyone for their help in advance.
  2. ender323
    OK. As far as raising the volume for your car, yes, amping will fix it. Your cars speakers are just too hard to power, your iPhone can't do it. If you don't have really nice speakers in your car, a cheaper amp like the E6 will work just fine. You will need to keep it charged though. An amp/dac combo will also function for this in your car. You can use the aux-in on the amp/DAC, and then plug into your car. The lightning to 30 pin adapter, to an LOD would be nice, though not strictly necessary. Double amping really isn't that big of a deal, particularly with cheaper speakers, typical with cars. Plus, the outside noise will cover up any noise floor (white noise) from the double amp.
    As far as a DAC/amp combo for at home, the E07K, E7, or E17 will work just fine for you. You will probably hear a difference with the DAC on your laptop.
  3. Got the Shakes
    Thank you very much for the help.
  4. ender323
    No problem.
  5. Got the Shakes
    I'm thinking that I'm probably going to pick up the E07K, a LOD, and the Lightning adapter.  For the money, seems like the best combo to meet all of my needs. 
  6. ender323
    Allright, let me know how you like it.

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