Need advise on CIEM
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Mar 20, 2012
I was very eager to pick up my um miracle this morning...........but after a few hrs testing it out i realized i picked the wrong sound-signature,it doesnt do me any satisfaction like my beloved ety er4s

im going to put it on sale to fund another CIEM,i really dont wanna make the same mistake.

Comming from ad900,k701,dt880,beyer t1 and ety er4s i would call myself a treble-head eventhought sony sa5k isnt the type of treble im after(sound like it can cut my canals in half with its treble,and kill all the mid's feeling)

i would say ety er4s with more bass and soundstage's depth is my dream-sound, i like its mid even more than its treble .im definitely not a fan of laidback sound nor colourful mid,im a freak of :details,clarity,separation,forward type of sound. 

Which ciem suit me perfectly in ur opinions?you can ask more if you need to know more about my preference.
Thankx for spending time reading mine.

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