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Need advices: UERM vs JH16fp

  1. king8888
    Hi everyone
    I am planning to get a CIEM between JH16fp and UERM. I am looking for a bright and fast paced sounding.
    I used to owned JH16 non FP version. The bass is a bit overwhelming and the treble tempted to be harsh, sometime sibilance.
    I don't know if the JH16 FP is a improved version of JH16 or not, but I am willing to try for it.
    My set up are AK120 or sony ZX1 + apex glacier.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. king8888
    Wow, no one helping?
  3. Fadem
    From reviews, the JH13 CIEM seems to have less boosted bass compared to the JH16. Freqphase helps with phase alignment; it causes all frequencies to arrive at the same time (more or less). This helps with sound stage imaging and coherency, which is often inadequate for multi BA IEMs. I don't think the FR is any different though. I have never owned any custom, so I can't really advise you, other than paraphrasing other reviews. Good luck with your decision and purchase.
  4. Kunlun
    I own the jh16fp and have heard the jh16 demo. It's not a bright sound and the bass is the same in amount as it was. It seems odd that you are considering it, given that it's not what you say you are looking for.

    The UERM, which I also have heard, is more neutral with a brighter treble and is much closer to what you say you want.
  5. king8888
    Huh, interesting, I'm more on UERM right now based on what you said about the jh16fp.

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