Need advice on selection and placement of soundproofing
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Hi I will be moving into an apartment at the end of the summer and i was wondering what types of sound proofing to get, where to place them, and also optimal positioning of speakers. I will be using 2 audio engine 5+ active monitors and the audioengine S8 active sub. linked are images of my floor plan diagram and the general floor plan. i will be living in bedroom E. also if I do not want to hear other people is there any place you would recommend placing soundproofing in the common area? Thanks for any you can give. also feel free to suggest a methodology to getting the best sound like if you cant tell me exactly where to put everything what are the guiding principals dos and donts etc that i should be considering when making these decisions. Thank you
edit: im not sure how tall the room is. prob 8 or 9 ft.
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Gramercy Baltimore or NYC? I'm assuming NYC as they got 5 bedrooms into 1556 square feet. Just curious, you don't have to answer :) Since it's an apartment and you can't really change much permanently (e.g. sound deadening in the walls, replacing the doors, etc.), making panels from wood and carpet remnants actually works quite well. If you go to your local hardware store they will have various remnants for cheap, and you can use a power stapler or nail gun to quickly and effectively attach it to a piece of MDF (or use green glue if you have a larger budget).

Other than that, sound deadening foam works on walls, and placing your speakers and sub on platforms like Auralex will prevent unwanted reverberations from harassing the neighbors. I use a Subdude, Isoacoustics stands and some custom Acoustical Solutions wall panels they work quite well. You'll get less perceived bass quantity, but the accuracy makes up for it and you'll get used to it over time.

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