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Need advice on NFS undercover..

  1. kool bubba ice
    How do you evade on the police on level 11 & above.. I'm where I need to cause 30,000 worth of damage then evade the police. I cam close but no matter what they find me.. & what kind of car do you need to pass level 13 checkpoint races. There are two in particular where I don't even come close.. I'm at 69% completition rate, & can still only buy a 3 Tier car.. Is EA purposley making this more difficult so you pay to upgrade your cars on PSN?
  2. Moontan13
    Do you know about Gamefaqs.com? That site is pretty good for hints on getting through the tough parts.
  3. earthpeople
    I read the title and the first sentence a few times before I understood you mean Need For Speed, haha. I was sitting here thinking, "what..?"
  4. Landis Contributor


    If there's something in a game that has busted your balls, nine times out of ten GameFAQs will help.
  5. kool bubba ice
    Yeah.. I'll try it out.

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