Need advice on headphones/amp/dac
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Dec 12, 2019
I currently own MrSpeakers Ether C(losed) , and ATH m50x.
Dac/Amp Oppo Ha-2Se

(I've owned ATH m40x which are far superior to m50x, and I dont like Mr.Speakers Ether C due to the fact that they are very neutral and very boring for music listening.)

I want to get a closed-back headphone, a DAC and an AMP recommendation. My budget is 2-6k USD (I will only shop in the used market to save money)
I like closed backs for isolation, I want to be in my own music realm removed from the noise of the outside world.

Now the type of sound that I am looking for could be described as organic, flowing,vast, ambient, powerful, sublime, dark. I would say that I would listen to all types of music, but my preference would be leaning towards something that resembles jazz/classical/modern/electronic. I don't like neutral sound, and I don't like analytical or metallic sound.


I've seen that RME ADI-2 Dac is very popular, but I've listened to its sound demos compared to other DACs and it sounds very analytical and not as musical. Can the overly analytical signal produced by a DAC be modified into a more musical signal by an AMP?
Also, its very small and very lightweight and I have am immediate aversion to lightweight equipment since I, associate it with overmarketed cheap/inferior product.

I've been looking at this DAC

Not sure about headphones, or an AMP.

Anyways, Im open for suggestions.

Thank you
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