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Need advice on getting grado sr60i headphones with the cowon brand iaudio e2 player...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by diecoke, Feb 26, 2013.
  1. diecoke
    Not entirely sure if I'm posting in the right forum, but maybe I can get some help...

    I'm interested in getting a pair of grado sr60i headphones & a new mp3', so far interested in the minimalist iaudio2 player; which I want because I heard cowon has better audio quality over others..

    Currently I have a pair of Bose ie2 earbud ones and an iPad to play my music with. Will I hear a significant increase in audio quality w my new choice?
  2. squallkiercosa
    Welcome to head-fi
    Sorry about your wallet.
    Open back headphones produce higher quality sound and I pushed some friends to buy the sr60i, but let's put in this way: those are for listening in quiet places, so forget about going out with them or listening in noisy environments. About the player, I can't really tell. It depends of your ears, I must presume all your music is lossy so probably no.

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