[Need Advice] Looking for an affordable, powerful bass headphone ?
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New Head-Fier
Nov 3, 2016
Hi guys ! I'm new to the forum and this is literally my first post so correct me if i'm wrong !
 I am owning one Sony MDR-XB50 (IEM) and it is perfect . The bass is strong and balance , harmonise with other sounds.So i want to kick it off a notch with a headphone.
So as the title implies , i want a headphone (over-ear or on-ear , doesn't matter) with strong, explosive bass , but doesn't affect or worsen other sounds like Mids,Treble,etc .... (I aimed Sony MDR-XB450 but according to reviews , the bass is over control , too muddy and distorts other sounds , which make it horrible . )
 .Closed would definitely be nice  , and a having a mic would be a bonus (although not necessary , just a bonus , no mic would be fine ).It must also be phone compatible. Further more , i'm a student so the headphone must be under $50 . 
Additional information if it helps :  I've been looking for a decent headphone that is not expensive , and it is .. well not going great . I ordered a Monoprice 8323 , since it has overwhelmingly positive feedback from the internet and the Head-fi forums , and when i got it ? Terrible .Sounds even worse than a $1 headphone (if it exists lol ) .It has no quality (No bass , treble , blah blah you know it ) and sounds so tiny when i plug it into my phone ... only louder if i max out the volume , which basically turn it into a speaker. I don't know if this is true , but I think a apart of this could be because is isn't meant to be used with phone ? (Because amazon  said this is Hi-fi DJ headphone and doesn't mention anything about plugging into a phone so ... my bad . But what to say ? This is the first time i buy headphone ! ) .Anyway , if you could give me an advice about how to avoid mistake like this in the future , since if i buy stuff online , i don't have the opportunity to try before i buy .
Thanks in advance !

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