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Need advice for my first on ears

  1. saadi03
    Hey guys new here,
    I need help picking a pair of on ears for around 60-100. I used to have Sony MDR-XD200 (which work, but are not portable enough) and some sony IEMs. I break headphones somewhat quick so I need a durable pair or some with a good warranty (3 years or more). I would prefer that they have a single line, but a must have is an inline remote and mic. Also They need to be closed and and have decent isolation as I need them for commuting. I like minimalist style headphones like the AT SQ5's and the Tracks Ultra. I also like the small cup size of the Tracks. If they are online feel free to send links as long as they ship to canada within my budget. 
  2. kore
    sennheiser px200II
  3. saadi03
    I cant seem to find a model with a built in mic does one exist?

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