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Need Advice for In-Ear Headphones

  1. sk3uled

    A friend of mine recommended me to this site, and I hope i'm posting in the right section. Basically, i was hoping someone could recommend me to a pair of high quality in-ear headphones on a budget. I've used a pair of Sony MDR - XB40EX for about 2 years, and they were awesome. Only problem was that I had to buy new earbuds every 6 months or so since I've lost them. Anyways, they were amazing.


    But then the connection shorted and I could only hear from one ear. So i've decided to buy a cheap alternative

    I bought this, the JVC-HAFX1X after reading promising reviews. After about 3 months, the connection shorted as well.


    I was really dissapointed with the JVC, and was hoping someone could recommend me a good alternative. ideally, i'd want to pay less then $50, but the cheaper the better. i don't do much physical activity, i just walk around, or stuff it in my pocket (which is im assuming the main reason for the shorts, because i just leave it connected to the ipod and just stuff it in my pocket). I'm not particually too picky, but what I do enjoy is a clear sound, and bass. The Sonys were a great combination of both, but mainly the clarity of the sound with a rich bass. the JVCs seemed muffled, and had an ugly bass sound effect.

  2. ZARIM
    If you want dynamic punchy bass with good clarity then Sony XB90, Turbine, JVC FX3X are great buy. But for very detailed soundsignature RE0 are amazing and they offers nice clear bass.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Sony EX310 or SoundMAGIC E10 would be my suggestions for you.

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