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Need advice buying some audio equipment. Options are Hd 700 vs Beyerdynamic T1 vs Beyerdynamic t90

  1. Tyco3000
    I personally listen to Alternative rock, rock, and pop.I have the Akg Q701s. Any help is welcome!
    You can also list some headphones I might want to look into. What im looking into is something with more bass then the Akg Q701s and will sound good with a variety of genres.
  2. Tyco3000
    Whoops wrong thread sorry
  3. zorin
    A - Why wrong thread ?
    B - T1 definitely. You can get them for under 900 dollars which is about the best cost/performance ratio for the electrodynamic headphones.
  4. HPiper
    For what it's worth, I had both and found myself listening to the T1 a lot more than the HD700's. Both very fine headphones, but I think I preferred the T1 bass and overall detail. Splitting hairs here for sure. Look for some good deals on both at this time of the year.
  5. zorin
    Man, how can you suffer HD700's treble ?
  6. SteveHiFi
    The HD700 always sounds reasonable to me unless coming straight from the HD800 (or the HD600!), that peak really is like a sore thumb - and agreed the T1 is the only headphone you need if you can have only one.
  7. zorin

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