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Need a tip.

  1. luke19
    Hello im new in this site.
    Im planing to buy headphones for mp3 player,in-ear or headphones but not higher 1,5m cable.
    Need headphones with very good bass and with good sound quality,i don't wonna lose sound quality for i just need balanced heaphones or in-ear with good  very bass and good sound quality.
    Mostly i listen this music genres: trance,dubstep,sometimes pop,dance music.
    So what best chose for is 150$? Can be headphones with 1,5m cabel or in-ear don't care what headphones type,above all is very good bass and sound quality.
  2. ostewart
    Hisound Popo or Wooduo 2, Dunu DN-17 Crater or DN-19 Tai Chi, Shure SE215

    Also AKG K618
  3. luke19
    Thanks,who better shure se215 or akg 618?
    give me more tips.
  4. ostewart
    Shure are in-ear and isolate better, AKG probably more comfortable. Read reviews on them. Then make your choice
  5. luke19
    how about soundmagic e10?
  6. ostewart
    cheap and cheerful, sounds good for your taste
  7. ostewart
    or the beyerdynamic XP1 or XP2 (mine are up for sale for $50)
  8. luke19
    Need more tenders.
  9. batphink
    Amazon usually sells the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 for $98 on Black Friday.

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