Need a Pic of SR-71 and iPod 4G 60GB.
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Jan 3, 2005
I am finally going to break down and buy an SR-71, but before I do I was wondering if anyone had a pic of a iPod 60GB 4G and the SR-71 side-by-side for comparison.

I would like to see a top down pic so I could I can compare length and width and a pic from the front so that I can compare height.

It would be REALLY nice if the pics included a 60GB iPod in a Vaja case, because I have one on the way.

You can email me the pics at headchangestudio (AT) gmail (dot) com if you don't want to post them here. They don't have to be super hi-rez pictures. They only have to be clear enough to compare the sizes. Thanks in advance.

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