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Jan 1, 2005
Building a CMOY. Is the tangent-recommended Panasonic pot really any good? (digikey P2U4103) I am willing to spend more if necessary, but it must fit in the Hammond I've chosen (digikey 1455K1202-ND). Also, can anyone recommend a nice knob that will fit the post? If possible, I'd like an aluminum one (the panel will be stained oak).
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Jan 10, 2005
It's good relative to most generic or low-end stamped-metal carbon-film types (which may have worse tracking). IIRC, many report the Alps RK097 Tangent sells (though currently out of stock at Tangent's shop) tracks better.

As for fitting in a given enclosure, you'll have to determine the clearance, since a CMOY and your-mounting-method can vary. Just do the math from the case spec sheets, add the mounted board height and board thickness, to determine the available clearance. Once you have a clearance figure, you can go from there... or post that figure here to aid in POT suggestions.

The panasonic has 6mm shaft. Personal knob-size preferences can vary as can the cost of a metal knob. If you're looking at all premium parts for a CMOY, I'll suggest that many would reserve such parts for a better amp. What I mean is, the original question about a pot being "any good" might be placed within the context of whether a CMOY is relatively "any good", especially considering that "good" pots tend to cost quite a bit more, and are usually larger. The size of the pot might even be directly related to quality, all else being equal.

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