Need a headphone recommendation for dance, pop, rnb
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Aug 2, 2015
Hey guys,
As stated in the title, I mainly listen to mainstream pop, dance music, rnb, edm (with vocals i.e. trance house techno) and i LOVE eurodance.
I want energy in my bass but also clarity all round.
Do you guys think that the Shure SE846 or the Fostex TH-900 would be better for me. 
Keep in mind I'd be using 320kbps on Spotify using my Oppo HA-2 portable amp.
I know cheaper headphones may suffice but i have a gift voucher worth this amount, so which one of those 2 headphones would be best for my musical tastes? ( i want fun not analytical sound ), and i love sexy lush female vocals.
Thanks so much for the help.
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Any chance you could audition any headphones? Where's the voucher for? Would you prefer an IEM or full sized can? What suits your lifestyle better?
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Well the voucher is for The Volume Store in Melbourne Australia. They have the Shures available for demo but not the Fostex, anyone know of anywhere in Victoria the Fostex can be demoed at? In terms of IEM vs full sized, i don't really mind as long as the bass is really good and the soundstage is wide enough (which i hear the shures are decent.) I just am needing advice mainly on which of these two is better  suited to my genres :)
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I've heard the TH-600s, and would recommend them... and the TH-900s are only supposed to be better :). I'm not sure about those IEMs. What's the return policy like at the store? I'm not seeing the TH-900s on the site. The Sennheiser IE800 might also fit the bill, IIRC?
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Hi jodjey4,
Cheers for the quick feedback. I'm not really a fan of Sennheiser products when it comes to a fun sound and I've heard the IE800s lack the punch needed for what I listen to. The return policy is that there are no returns... hence why i received a gift voucher after buying the HD800s and seeing they were not for me. They don't sell the TH-900s but I could buy the hd800s and sell them and use the money to buy the fostex if i was to get those.
I am leaning towards the shures due to portability, sound isolation, and the different filters. But i want to make sure with the music i listen to whether they would be as good as fostex.
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No clue on the IEMs, but TH-900 are very enjoyable for what you've described. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 are also a good candidate; less bass but still very fun and fantastic with female vocals. Neither of these would be what I'd call "portable" - the wood cups are not going to survive a lot of mobile (ab)use and they're both fairly bulky.

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