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Need a comparison between the DT880 32ohm and HD598

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rurouni, Apr 20, 2012.
  1. Rurouni
    Have been narrowing down my next set of cans into the two above.

    While I know the DT880 are more usually compared to the HD600, just wondering if someone who has tried both cans before can provide a quick summary.

    My priorities are:
    - Easy to drive as I may choose to use them with an iPhone from time to time
    - Wide soundstage
    - Comfort (in terms of physical fit and audio fatigue from long periods of listening)
    - Good bass detail over bass weight

    I listen mostly to:
    - R&B, Jazz, Vocalists with a pref for live recordings
    - Guitar instrumentals
    - Classical
    - Pop and old school rock ballads

    I currently own a HD580 driven off a Marantz amp but as mentioned I may use the cans unamped so 300ohms unamped doesn't really work. I like the detail on the 580 but the soundstage doesn't seem v wide or deep.

    Not sure if my expectations are too high for my preferred specs? :x
  2. Amarphael
    I'm a former owner of the DT880/250 and HD595 and I found the Beyers to be vastly superior naturally. I don't think that will be significantly different in your case, especially with the categories that you've listed, except perhaps listening fatigue which is quite subjective as i didn't take the 880's to be excessivley bright. FWIR the HD598 isn't a major improvemnt from it's predecessor, merely sounds 'fuller' with more wieght in the bass, which was quite poor with the 595 IME.
    Personally i like the Audio-Technica AD900 better than either of 880 and 595 that i had, overall it's closer to the former in it's prestation with wonderfuly detailed mids, a tight and articulate bass (more than the 595 and i guess on par with the 598) an great sense of air between notes which does befits from it's family line's title.
    IMO, albeit the DT880 having the more resolving and tecnically neutral sound, it was just too dry and lacked proper body (I was driving mine thru the Meier Aria at the time) and i'd go for the ATs for the added midrange liveliness, that's from a mere DAP such as my Cowon S9.
  3. Rurouni
    Thanks Amarphael for the recommendation on the AD900. I don't have the option of purchasing that where I'm residing however : / Would you say that either the AD900, 880 or 595 that you had has a 'soundstage' that does not have the boxed in feel that is the case with some cans? I did have that impression with the HD580 (which otherwise was really detailed) and for my next pair would want something that essentially doesn't remind me that I'm wearing headphones.
  4. Amarphael
    The HD595 defintley had that boxy cramped soundstage... I had several closed headphones that were far more 'open' than them. The DT880 has a very wide sounstage to it, it'll be a noticeable improvement over the 580's in that area.
  5. KG Jag
    The 598 wins in every category you listed, except for bass--where the DT 880 comes out on top.
    The 880 is more accurate, clinical and just a bit dry.  The 598 is veiled, lush, warm and more musical.  The Beyer is built more solidly.
  6. Minkypou
    the soundstage on the hd598 is very very huge. Lol
  7. fabio-fi
    I wouldn't recommend the beyers for guitars or acoustic songs. Are you able to buy Shure headphones in your place? 
  8. Bill-P
    From my experience:
    1) HD 598: warm, somewhat veiled. Bass lacks quality and quantity compared to DT880. Also less detailed and at times can sound muddy. Soundstage is average. Not wide.
    2) DT880: cold... very revealing and detailed, but also very sibilant depending on the track (especially vocals in R&B). Bass has authority and quality over HD 598. 32 Ohm version sounds...confused and not as clean as higher ohm versions. Surprisingly not so easy to drive. If your source lacks power, bass becomes anemic and shy. It definitely requires moderate amping still. Otherwise I'd say HD 598 is the better fit for unamped use.
  9. cyberalpha11
    Between DT880/32ohm and HD650, which one has a wider sound stage, clear separation and good quality deep extended bass?
    Which one is easier to drive by iPod or Fuze?

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