Need a bit of help picking a new MP3 player
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Feb 18, 2008
I'm looking to upgrade from my 1st generation Ipod Mini 6GB and I would prefer not to get another Ipod due to compatibility issues I have had with them, and its limited codec capability and feature set. I have £150 ($250-$300 USD) to spend.

I've been looking at the Meizu m6:

MEIZU M6 8 GB MP3 MINI IN BLACK review cheap prices M6 8 GB MP3 MINI IN BLACK MEIZU best buy discount online uk shop

It looks good from what I can tell, but would you guys advise something else?

Things I'm looking for in order of preference:
  1. Good Sound for my Sennheisers
  2. MP3, Ogg, WMA codec support
  3. At least basic data transfer support for linux
  4. At least 4GB of memory - 6GB+ would be preferable
  5. Good battery life (at least 10+ hours audio)
  6. Maybe some video with dvix, xvid, WMV support
  7. Maybe a radio tuner with FM and/or DBA support.
  8. Bluetooth v.1337.8 to fire mah WMDs from the comfort of my living room.


ummm, I didn't mean for that link to look like an advertisement, it seems the board does it automatically.
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Maybe samsung p2 ?, don't know about linux support. Or maybe sony 6xx or 8xx series with a bluetooth dongle- no ogg but crackin good sound
Oh, the last line was an little pun, didn't catch that first read
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X2 on the Cowon D2 recommendation. Awesome player, with lots of room for expandability, thanks to its SDHC slot. 52 hours of audio or 10 hours of video on a single battery charge certainly doesn't hurt either!

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