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NE-7M replacement options (dont like the NE-700X though...)

  1. Haakon
    Based largely on my trawling through this forum, about a year ago I bought some Nu Force NE-7M and loved them to bits.
    But I decided to step it up a notch and see what I could get that was better - so ended up going to some NE-700X.
    On the basis that I really liked the sound of the NE-7Ms, I figured this could only be better!
    But even after about 20 hours burn in, I just dont like the the NE-700X... Its brighter and harsher and just not as enjoyable.
    I can tell they're good - some recordings sound amazing, but overall... I'm wondering if its because theyre too revealing for what comes out of an iphone...
    It reminds me of some high end Focal speakers I had in a car once -  on some recordings they blew me away, but mostly the metal tweeters were just too bright and revealing and ended up sounding "tinny" almost - I ditched them for some silk tweeter Hertz units that were much much warmer, and all was well again in that car :)
    So. On the basis I like the NE-7M and its fairly warm bassy sound (with its still good capability in replicating the highs, but without overpowering everything else!), what would be a good recomedation for their replacement?
  2. redsosis
    if you like bass and great soundstage, go for ECCI PR401
  3. Haakon
    Holy thread revival Batman!!! 

    Well I never did find something else, just went back to using the NE-7m as they're just a nice sounding unit. 

    Another year went by and they eventually got left in a shirt pocket and got washed.. Ooops. They were tinny for an hour and came good, but a few days later the left channel dies for good. RIP little NE-m.... :frowning2:

    So. Since the original question was a while back, any fresh tips on a replacement? 

    Was tempted to get NE-7m again, but seems they're finally off the market. 

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