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NE 700M over EP630?

  1. maheeinfy
    Hey guys,
    I owned Creative EP 630 till last month and i was OK with that sound. Wanting more i purchased Nuforce NE 700M last week. I was expecting sound quality to be lot better compared to EP 630. I dont know whats wrong..NE 700M dont sound much better than EP630. I have been trying to burn in NE700M from the past 2 days, desperate to improve its quality..but not sure if they are gonna change a lot..Plz help me out..What shud i do?
  2. Haakon
    I just bought the same a week ago or so, replacing the previous model NE-7M. I was underwhelmed at first....

    Left them playing for a whole day, used them for another couple of days an was ready to onsell them... Then went back to my old NE-7Ms and they were now all muddy and poor sounding! Then the the NE-700M sounded awesome. All a bit wierd, but just took my ears a moment to readjust :wink:

    Give them a few more days :wink:
  3. maheeinfy
    hmm..Im hoping that they will sound better after few days..
    But so many reviews say..NE 700M sounds very good right out of box. Even my friend says these are muddy sounding right now which is not good even if its not burned in. So fingers crossed about whether these actually gonna sound lot better after few days...or i will just end up used to their sound
  4. Haakon
    Mine have never been muddy - I found them too harsh and bright out of the box. Much mellower now.

    Maybe you have faulty ones...?
  5. tinyman392
    Can you confirm you have a good seal?  Use the Sensaphonics seal test to confirm/deny (IDK if this would cause muddy bass, bad seals can do lots of things).  Like said before, maybe a lemon product. 
  6. maheeinfy
    I tried that test and im sure seal is good. I hear both the tones clear and same level.

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