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Nationite S:Flo2 Preorder 8GB, 16GB (Batch 4)

  1. razzer001 Contributor
    The is a new PRE-ORDER for the Nationite S:FLO2, if you are interested in purchasing this, then please read the below"
    1. We expect to take delivery of this new stock by NOVEMBER 8th.
    2. All orders will start to ship AFTER the stock has arrived and it will take us 3 - 5 days to get all the orders packed and mailed out.
    3. This is a long preorder, so if you do not like how long it will take then please order when the S:FLO2 is in stock - we want our customers to be happy, we do not want you to think bad about us just because this is a long preorder.
    4. The arrival date of the stock may change, if there are any delays it will only be announced on our forums.
    Preorder price:
    S:FLO2 16GB SPECIAL PRICE TILL OCT 15th - USD$159.50 AFTER OCT 15th till NOV 7th - USD$169.550 - Normal price $179.50
    S:FLO 8GB PRICE TILL NOV 7th - USD$129.50 - Normal price $139.50
    Special extras:
    - S:Flo2 triple pack leather carrying case - $19.50 (normally $29.50)
    - S:Flo2 triple pack leather carrying case and Brainwavz M2 - $59.50
    Get one today!
  2. razzer001 Contributor
    Good news, we may get the S:Flo2 in stock sooner than predicted, but i will only be confirmed this after the 10th when the factory is back to work after their National holidays.
  3. beeman458
    This is the 12th, any news?
    And I have to ask, what's with no WAV as a ripping format?
  4. razzer001 Contributor
    The touch panel fabrication is ahead of schedule and we might get all the completed panels from the Taiwanese manufacturer later next week, after which it will take another 2 weeks for the S:Flo2 units to be made, tested and sent out to us, so all in all we may get the S:Flo2 units a week earlier than expected but at the very least we do not expect the delivery date to be pushed back from the original time frame.
  5. beeman458
    Any comment on a lack of WAV format?
  6. Anaxilus


    It plays WAV.  Listening right now.  [​IMG]
  7. beeman458
    Thanks for the update as their specs don't list WAV.  Personally, I'd encourage them to correct this error by omission.
    Can you comment on sound quality as a stand-alone DAP?  I'm looking for something better than a Sansa DAP but less expensive than a HiFi Man HF-801.
  8. Anaxilus

    PM sent.

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