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Nashville Mini-Meet Impressions -- Nov 3, 2018

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  1. jr4jc
    Merry Christmas to me!!!
  2. jr4jc
  3. kilkil
    I thought it would be the new stuff, congrats. I'll enjoy some standard angels envy tonight.
  4. RCBinTN
    We bought the finished rye at $90.
    The cask strength is what Brent had!!
  5. kilkil
    I plan on picking up the rye next week at total wine, along with more rowans creek
  6. RCBinTN
    Good ... both are great, IMO.
    What's about the BBQ - c'mon Randy we saw the sow pic.
  7. jr4jc
    Ok thanks for asking
    I picked my deer meat when I dropped off the hog
    We had deer tenderloin the first night mmmm!! Then next day deer cubed steak very good too, then deer burger all great
    Then I pickup my pork;
    First tenderloins best pork chop ever
    Next ground pork that I spiced into sausage...incrediblely good
    BUT my 250+ lb hog yeilded 55lb meat I was like HUH the processor did some research and figured out hunters for hungry took my box of ribs and bacon....so he’ll retrieve it from the next hog headed to them
    So no bacon or bbq Yet!!!!
    And I’m headed to open my angels envy!!!
  8. jr4jc
    This angels envy sipped is so smooth and now I can’t stop sniffing it
    Ok something’s happening to me
    I smell a little chocolate and flowery perfumey very nice, usually I don’t all the nuances but I’m starting too
    this smells so intricate and pleasant
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  9. jr4jc
    344A2B6A-0F71-4B69-A88E-64ED7B7B0624.jpeg It’s too tall to fit where we keep our booze
    So it’s on display above my desk
    RCBinTN likes this.
  10. kilkil
    It might be a bit dangerous. I know if i kept an excellent bourbon within eyesight of my desk, that bottle is not going to last long.
  11. jr4jc
    Good point
    It was never my intention for it to be its permanent home
  12. RCBinTN
    LOL, right. Nice to give great bourbon a home, just not a permanent one!
    And ... a very decent work station there ... looks comfy and lots of cool gear.

    In case you need new Glencairn glasses, they are in stock and on sale at Amazon. Lead-free crystal.


    BTW, I can not believe your butcher gave away your pork ribs and bacon!
    Something is fishy there, my friend...

  13. jr4jc
    I probably get some glasses
    I enjoyed smelling it almost as much as drinking it
  14. RCBinTN
    Yes, you need 'em Randy.
    The glasses explode the aroma of the whisk(e)y ... they add to the sipping experience.
  15. kilkil
    I agree that the glasses help a lot. You used one while you were here for the last meet. You can also get then locally, I know red dog sells them.
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