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Narrowed my next headphone to Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, Fischer Audio DBA-2 and VSonic Gr07

  1. extempore20
    Hi guys,
    I'm new here and in a similar bind of choosing a good IEM for under $250. I've read a lot of reviews of different IEM's and I was initially going to buy the TF10 despite my concerns about the build and fit issues, but then I came across the GR07 which seems to be a more reliable headset. 
    I'd like to hear more opinions from other users. I do write music but I have a set of monitors and full headsets that I use for that. That said, it would be nice to have another set of earphones that provide accurate monitoring and it sounds like the GR07 would come closer to that? That said, I will be using these 99% of the time for music listening and I don't tend to like anemic sounds which is my concern about the GR07. It seems the TF10 provide a more exciting and engaging sound? 
    Also, although I'd like to keep my budget below 250 (given my propensity to lose or break small delicate things such as IEM's), do you guys think it's worth making the leap to the more expensive 400 dollar range IEM's? Most of my music is 320 bit or lower so I'm guessing it's not worth it if I'm not listening to lossless material? 
    Thanks guys!
  2. extempore20
    Oh, and as an aside, I use an Iphone 4 and I will most likely not be using an amp with it...
  3. eke2k6

    I use my GR07 with the iPhone 4, and I love it. If you strictly listen to bassier genres, you'd be better served by other IEMs. With that said, the GR07 is the best $160 I ever spent.
  4. extempore20
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'd also like to throw the Westone 2 into the pack if possible as they are retailing around 250 and seem to get really good reviews as well. 
  5. csommers

    I recently picked up the UM2's (tried out the TF10 prior and returned due to poor fit for me), and I gotta say I love 'em. Incredibly comfortable for me, and they sound awesome for the range of music I enjoy (pretty similar taste to the OP)

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