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Narrowed my next headphone to Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, Fischer Audio DBA-2 and VSonic Gr07

  1. CBus Audio
    First time poster, long time visitor to the head-fi site. I would classify myself as an beginner to intermediate audiophile getting the hang of the terminology and learning to be more crtical. Wish I got to you before I drank the Cnet Kool Aid and bought a Klipsch S4 but I don't have problems with it. Good as a beat em up walking around head phone.
    Anyhow, I was studying the threads extensively on this site and have narrowed my choice for my next IEM to the ones above which all have similar price points. The threads have been extremely helpful, but I wanted to get final impressions before I make my move. I am leaning towards the VSonic due to its better build quality and clarity which does not overemphasize any frequency. That would rule out the Fischer and REO that I was initially looking at. My source is a Cowon J3 and Clip+ Rockboxed. I do have an Electric Avenues Amp. I listen to very wide range of music- electronic ambient like Aphex Twin, Basement Jax, Alternative like Neutral Milk Hotel, Sufjean Stevens , Radiohead, classic rock like Allman Brothers, Beach Boys and Byrds and even a little Hip Hop like Blueprint, Roots, Das Racist, Public Enemy and Beastie Boys. Like I said, very wide tastes that shift on a dime, depending on mood. My music is predominantly in FLAC with some high end Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and WMA, with a smattering of 128kbs WMA before I really became more sound sensitive. I admit I was going to go intially for the UE, however, I heard it has a muddy middle and V-shape sound profile which would not be choice for someone who has very diverse musical tastes. Oh, I do have wide ear canals and I do use the large Klipsch oval tips. I am sure I am missing something else important and I can answer any further questions.
    Thank you in advance and great job all of you. Your knoweldge has helped me already in making an informed  decision.
  2. eke2k6
    I've owned the GR07 and TF10, and the gr07 trounces the tf10 in every way. I'd recommend comparing the gr07 with others like the fxt90, re262, etc. The TF10 isn't in the same league IMO
  3. jc222284
    TF10 all the way! I am a TF10 fanboy LOL as I am listening to them right now! [​IMG]
  4. theberkin8or


    I own both and wouldn't say the GR07> TF10 but they are very different. I like to switch between them when I want a change. I feel like the TF10 are more emotional and fun but the GR07 are also truly wonderful. If I had to choose I would probably pick the GR07 because of the way they fit, the better cord, and the netrual presentation over the range with better sub-bass. 
  5. Jzbass25
    Has anyone tried tf10 with different cables and can compare to the gr07? I hear some cables can make them godly haha
  6. CBus Audio
    Interesting you choose the JVC and Hifiman. Frankly, I shied away from the Hifiman because of the horror stories of them falling apart or malfunctioning soon after purchase. I don't intend to work out with them- that's reserved for the MEelec M6, but I want to take them out once in while. How is the JVC compared with the Vsonic? I see the price is very similar. Do you have a favorite? As you can see, I want a IEM that can handle any music that can be thrown at it, though not necessarily excel in any one specific area. Soundstage is definitely a factor as well as separation.
  7. Watagump


    I cant compare with the GR-07, but I am very happy with my TF10 and FiiO cable combo. Running of a Sansa Clip Zip using the EQ at custom settings.
  8. IpodHappy
    Just got my GR07s yesterday, so what I'm going to say is an early impression.  I just did a quick comparison to my Triple.Fi 10s.  The Triple.Fi 10s have a stronger bass presence for sure.  Their bass impact is visceral.  The GR07s are more neutral with a better balance throughout the spectrum.  The Triple.Fi 10s put you on the stage with respect to the music presentation while the GR07s put you on the 2nd or 3rd rows.  In other words, the Triple.Fi 10s are more "in your head."  Ambiance seems about the same between them.  From an ergonomics perspective, the GR07s are the winner as you'd never want to sleep with the Triple.Fi 10s.  That said, I wish the GR07s had a cable more like the Westone's or SM3s, one that was less microphonic.  The Triple.Fi 10s are more noise isolating judge by how much of a fan's noise was blocked when I inserted them (Triple.Fi 10s tips = Comply foam, GR07s tips = high density foam.) I think the GR07s would be a better all around IEM.
  9. jc222284
  10. Coq de Combat
  11. eke2k6


    I wouldn't use the GR07 with the included foams. Or any foams for that matter. You're not getting the true sound. My aversion for the TF10 stems from it's near absence of a midrange. It's great for EDM, but nothing else IMO.
  12. djvkool
    I own all three (well B2 instead of DBA-02, but they are very very similar), and they are very different indeed, best thing to do is maybe to buy all three? [​IMG]
    depending on what music you listen to, for EDM and hiphop/r&b I would use TF10, if I listen to rock and pop (top 40 stuff) then GR07 would be the best, for instrumental, accoustics, jazz, B2 would be the way to go
  13. Watagump
  14. Coq de Combat
  15. CosaNostra
    I tried all 3, returned all 3 and then bought the TF10 again from a head-fi'er
    GR07 - Neutral neutral neutral! I thought I'd like a neutral sound sig but I was dead wrong. It just sounded boring to me because I wanted a flawed sound sig. I like my bass and treble to be more pronounced and the GR07 doesn't do that. What it does is give you an amazing sound quality without emphasizing anything. Its great if that is what you're looking for. I'd not recommend these for hip-hop, but again if you wan't neutral, then these are perfect.
    DBA-02 - Classic BA sound, light on the bass and extremely detailed on the rest. I loved the top end on the DBA-02 but the somewhat lack of bass quantity killed it for me.
    TF10 - Returned initially because they are terrible comfort-wise, but I re-bought them since their sound just fit the bill for me perfectly. They have more of a U shaped frequency graph not a V shaped like the DT990s or anything. These have recessed mids which does hurt some rock tracks I listen to, but the sound stage is great (for iem) and it fit the "more bass + treble" I was looking for. 
    Honestly, it all comes down to your preference. If you want S4 like bass, TF10 is going to be the closest in quantity and much better in quality. If you want neutrality GR07 ALL THE WAY. If you want great treble with a little less bass than the TF10 (and a little bit more clarity) DBA-02. Good luck!

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