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Narrow headphone purchase requirements, can't find something suitable!

  1. nex2k12
    I hate being 'that guy' that posts yet another 'help me chose what to buy thread' but I have some tight requirements and I can't figure out what to dump money on.

    Anyway here's what I would like to get my hands on:
    -Large sound stage
    -Similar sound profile to Sennheiser HD 555, 595 etc.
    -Super comfortable for all-day use
    -CLOSED back.
    -Smaller physical size, like the bose AE1 or my current JVC HA-S600's
    -Bass secondary, but a nice bonus.
    Here's what I've been through:
    HD555's - Love them, but I need something portable for work and travel.
    M-Audio Q40 - Bit heavy on the bass, but was happy with them. Main problem was they were uncomfortable after a few hours. (Also too big)
    Head Direct RE0 - Impedance was far far too high for day-to-day mp3 player/phone usage. They were also stolen from me :frowning2:
    JVC HA-S600 - Cheap temporary replacement. Mids are all muddled and overall mediocre. They are super comfortable though, and the form factor is perfect.
    HD280 Pro - Similar to M-Audio's IMO. Too big, RIDICULOUS head clamp.
    CX-680i - Just bought these in an misguided attempt to cheap out. Ugh, horrible horrible. Returning on the weekend. Not worth $10, let alone $50
    Should I just give up and look at IEM's instead? I'm willing to spend up to $200 if I can just find something perfect to throw money at...
    Thanks for the advice!

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