Nan-6 planar headphone ?
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I wouldn't buy headphones made by my nan, much less six random nans.
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I've been trying to track down more info on these, but I can't create an account on carousell to message the sellers store. The only mention I can find of them is on that one ad, on that one store, on carousell. Nothing on aliexpress or alibaba, no chinese forums, only that one Singapore one.

@crinacle I saw you have mentioned this sellers store before on your website. Do you know anything about these headphones in particular?

It says its based on the Susvara Nano driver, but in the photos it looks more like an HE6 driver, maybe surplus HE6se drivers are what it's based on?

Seems like a DIY headphone based on the abyss look, conventional headband, and HE6se driver, but thats all entirely guesswork on my part.

They might be worth hearing vs. the He6seV2 in terms of pricing and headband comfort.
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A friend said they are just using the he6se driver.
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Interesting. Gold traces in the diaphragm like the HE-6 (also Susvara they claim). Could it just be a driver transplant? Does HE-6 or Susvara diaphragm traces look like that?

Maybe it's just HE-6 or SE driver taken out and put inside a new frame.

Edit: it is an HE-6 transplant. HE-6 traces image attached. Here's an excellent article on HE-6s.
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they measure great
I saw this too and got very interested. Too bad no money to spend atm.

I would like to see thd and csd measurements. Probably it needs some fine tuning.
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Strange, hifiman is not manufacturing its own drivers ? Or they don’t have any IP that apply ?

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