Naim DAC V1 vs. RME ADI-2 as AIO headphone amps
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Jun 5, 2013
Dear all,

I’m looking for an all in one to drive my Utopias and hesitating between these two, which can be had used for around the same price. Seen all the reviews, posts etc. but I’m still unclear which would sound best not just as a DAC (where most reviews favor the RME) but as an all in one DAC+AMP combo (amp performance comparisons between these two being less common). Difficult for me to listen to both in a comparison setting. Anyone here can compare?

I’m currently driving them off my main rig through a Chord 2Qute DAC -> upgraded Icon Audio HP8 Mk2 tune amp. I’d be looking for something different than tubey sound for this rig. I like the Naim sound a lot but am not fanatic about it so I’m prepared to go with the RME if it provides the best experience with the Utopias.

I have also read that RME+Phonitor is a killer combo but out of my budget now, hence the all in one requirement. Many thanks in advance!
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I am interested in this question too. I have read about the great range of facilities provided by the RME unit, but which one sounds better? As a DAC and as a headphone amp?

The Naim unit has a good pedigree but the RME unit is much newer.

Any views out there?
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