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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 26, 2008
I am puzzled by something I just tried today. I got myself a widget to allow me to get a line-out from me Ipod (5th gen) instead of using the headphone socket. Thanks to the wonders of switch boxes I can do a very near instant switch between the headphone out (at full volume) and the line out, about 1/4 of a second. It isnt a blind but with a quick switch the sound is utterly identical between the two i.e it just doesnt seem to change at all. The dock thingy is definitely bypassing the internal amp since I can adjust the volume and it doesnt alter how loud the line-out is.

For the record I take the output and put it through a vintage stereo amp and a pair of modest but okay bookshelf speakers (JBL) or into a pair of AKG K240 headphones.

Also since my switch box allows multiple simultaneous inputs I can also switch between one in, both in, and different one in, when I do this the output level does not seem to vary at all. I checked out the switch box and it is working fine.

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