Mysterious compartment in IE7 box?
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Jun 5, 2009
It's quite possible that I'm simply dim, but can anybody tell me what is the purpose of that little lidded enclosure in back of the Senn IE7 box? I thought it must be for storing spare tips, but the lid itself has a strange open ended compartment which would squash anything put into the space it covers.
Any clues...?
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It's for the silica gel packet AFAIK.

Or for the small Sennheiser hamster you get given after 20,000 hours burn-in.
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Aaah - thank you. There was no silica gel packet in my package, else I might've sussed it.

I really want that hamster. 19,976 hours to go. Will they send it or do I have to apply....
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There was no silica gel packet in my package

you get the silica gel packet only with IE8, which is a bit stupid.
But that's not something essential.
Just ge a silica gel packet from elsewhere ....
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I think it just turns up, with the smallest suitcase you ever seen...

If you'd bought IE8, he comes with his own wheel...


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Nah, cats won't phase him. Sennheiser hamsters have water pistols.

That's why you need the silica gel....
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Originally Posted by willw /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Now you've got my cat all excited

My cat was very fond of the IE8.

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She could smell the hamster, that's why......

Even tho they wash all the time, hamsters never quite get rid of that pissy sawdust smell.
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Originally Posted by steviebee /img/forum/go_quote.gif
[size=medium]She [/size]could smell the hamster, that's why......

OMG! What?! You 'femaled' my cat??

You made him cry... [size=xx-small]like a girl[/size]


... and now look what you did, he is but half the cat he was before........


Shame on you!
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Well, it was 50/50!

Tell ol' smudgey there to start thinking metrosexual. That should ease the pain...

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