My wooden rack
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pabbi - what brand of tung oil do you use? I've only tried one brand and it seems to work ok but I'm not sure what I'm missing. also, do you burnish with 0000 steel wool at the end? I've tried that but have been happier with just leaving it be.

i love tung-oil for finishing. it's easy-peasy and durable. i sand the wood down to 320 grit and prep with mineral spirits and lint-free gauze. apply a coat of Minwax tung-oil and let dry for 24 hrs, then re-sand with a 320 sponge block. apply another 2 coats of tung-oil with 24 hr dry times between coats. i don't buff with 0000 steel wool - it dulls the natural wood color and has a white-ish gel-coat look. this is the recipe i used for my walnut B22/o11.

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No not yet that's a job for this weekend, providing the weather holds out. Thanks very much for the link, I'll have a read thought it.

Beauty of a b22 by the way. I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks.

Cheers hifi.
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Flexi base (top) - joined, sized, machined, but not sanded nor finished. May roundover the edges, then of course the bottom.

Top cut washers are 2.25", and bottom nuts are 7/8". Thread is 5/6". Material is a full 2" thick, so there is 1.3" to hold the allthread.

Sigh - gotta buy a belt sander.

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How about boiled linseed oil? That seems like it might be worth a try as well. Anyone have any experiences with both who would like to offer their opinion for use in racks and such?
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Boiled linseed is marketed as 'tung oil finish', foul smelling and outgasses for weeks. Highly NOT recommended.
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Nice racks!
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Here's my AV Rack, weighing in at 28Kg


And here's a link to the build thread.
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Thats a sturdy looking rack you got there. I like

Just flicked through you build thread.... How many clamps do you own?
As for worktops for your future builds try ikea. I had a look online (nearest one to me is bristol, a good 5-6 hour round trip
) They've got some birch ones for reasonable prices. No Idea on the quality though.
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Well I've got it sanded and not long finished applying the first coat of varnish. I decided not to stain it after all, the colour kind of grew on me.

Had to varnish it in the kitchen as it was to bloody cold to do it outside. Besides the sight of my stepdad throwing dog sick over the garden wall made me come in before next door accused me of doing it.

fatcat28037, I would love to think it was uk sourced but I very much doubt it. Now a days it seems like we have to import everything, seeing as its too 'expensive' to produce it ourselves.
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And, showing the wife that flexi can be furniture - well, after it has some finish.

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Nice one pabbi1, looking forward to seeing it complete and filled.
What components are you planning on using it with? If I may be so nosy.

Got the second coat of varnish on the frame done today, I'll have to wait for a few days before I can finish it. Run out of gloss varnish.
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The top rack is for my yet determined new source (was going to be a Shanling T1500, but that fell through), and the bottom for my amp - either the electrostatic (eXStatA or Vulcan) or dynamic (Raven).

In any case, amp on bottom, and source (going top loader, hence the rack) on top. Gone are the days of putting the amp on the source.
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[snip]... How many clamps do you own?....[snip]

Errrr. Loads. You can't have enough and Bessey are the best!

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