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My Westone/Shure sized IEM (T100) Tips for your T500 sized tips

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  1. ambchang
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    I have recently switched from Westone and Shure IEMs to the Tralucent 1P2, and thus have no use for some of the tips I have accumulated over the years.

    They are all unused (obviously), and I just want to trade them for T500 sized tips (the UM, JH, Noble sized ones).

    The set includes:
    - 3 sets of slim Westone foam tips (light grey ones)
    - 1 set of triple flange
    - 2 sets of green Star silicone tips (10mm)
    - 3 sets of blue True fit foam tips (14.9mm)
    - 1 set of turquoise foam tips
    (ignore the black olives in the middle, they have been used)

    What I am looking for are T500 sized foam tips, and given I am offering 10 pairs, I am looking for 10 pairs back as well.

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
  2. ambchang
  3. ambchang
  4. ambchang
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