My vinyl rig
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Jun 21, 2001
Well, I bit the bullet and bought a vinyl rig:


Sota Comet (w/RB300 tonearm, dust cover, and I-clamp)
Sumiko BPS cartridge
VPI 16.5 record cleaner

First, I'd like to get the thank you portion out of the way:

Todd - Vinyl junkie indeed! Answered all my noob questions and had a lot of great advice. Always a great transaction with Todd.

Ray - XR2 is in the house and its not going back. The XR2 was probably the easiest choice to make. I own a few of Ray's creations, I've read the reviews, all I had to do was wait 2 weeks and my rig came to life. The XR2/Raptor has very good synergy. Thanks for the Sumiko BPS reco (and CPW as well!). I can't wait to tweak the XR2's sound. Right now its set to MC100, very nice match with the HO Sumiko BPS, though I'd like more play with the volume.

Sota (Donna and Kirk) Donna for her taking time from her closing and busy schedule to answer questions and to help out with the delivery and the BPS recommendation. Kirk for the installation of the BPS and the set-up of the Comet.

More thanks to JMT, cpw, ToddR, and Audio Addict for their input.

My impressions so far:

This rig offers up a new/different way of hearing music. It will definitely complement my 507 and ~1000 CDs. I didn't buy a vinyl rig to strictly do an A/B with my digital rig. I wanted to experience something different. Does it sound better than my digital rig? I won't get into it great detail about the vinyl vs digital argument. That is being covered in another thread. What I do like (IMHO) is the greater sense of initimacy in my listening sessions. Diana Krall, Norah Jones, or Jeff Buckley are right there performing for you. That right there next to you encompassing sound is very enjoyable and relaxing. As I said above I might have to change the setting on the XR2 to get better volume control. Just past 9 o'clock is louder than my normal listening level.

Its been a great few weeks researching, waiting and now listening to my rig. Its been a rewarding experience so far. I realize that this part of audiophilia is a labor of love It requires a bit more time, patience, and money than digital. Its not as easy as sitting in the Barcalounger and hitting play (and other options) on the 507's remote anf enjoying the music.

Pardon me, but I have a date with Aimee Mann. Thanks for reading.

What's that, monoblocks and speakers? be continued! Damn you Billy!

Regards - reynman
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Mar 27, 2002
Looks like you have a really nice setup and are in for many hours of happy listening. I really like the BPS cartridge and sometime in the future it is on my list to try in my setup.

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