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My Take On the Klipsch s4's

  1. Daydreamin747
    I just purchased the klipsch s4's, and as i know there are already many reviews of this IEM out there, i am just putting in my two cents as more of a casual listener than an analytical one.  please read and enjoy!
    accessories- these came in a nice tin case that, while it will protect the buds, isn't very practical for travel as it takes longer than it should to fit the s4's just right into the case. there are, however two sets of gel tips that they add:  one set of small, double-flanged tips; the other a set of large oval tips.  i saw pictures of some s4's in their case on the internet before i bought them (i like to do a little research before i buy), and it seemed as though they came with a wax-cleaner for the earphone tips.  i don't know if they have changed the accessories since the pictures were taken or what, but mine did not come with that cleaner, unfortunately.rating: 7.5/10
    build-  the cable seems a little thin, but it is tangle-proof, so kudos to klipsch for that.the 'phones themselves are made of glossy black plastic with hints of shiny chrome plastic. feels solid enough. 8/10
    comfort-  this is the category where these IEM's shine the most.  the design, while simple, lets them slide right into your ear-canal without the jamming necessary with more-primitive earphones.  the gel tips, once inserted into the ear, form a nice tight seal in your ear, so they isolate well and won't easily pop out.  can't even tell they're there [​IMG]. 10/10
    sound quality- as aforementioned, these earphones are purely for casual use. so, in picking these headphones, i was hoping for bass-enriched sound with warmth.  i believe i hit a home run. yes, the highs are slightly recessed, but they have a fun bass with accurate-enough sound reproduction.  lovin' it [​IMG].  i listen to soft rock, rock, hip-hop/ rap, and reggae. these earphones are great for these genres. 9/10
    so, this is my overview for the klipsch s4's.  after taking much advice from this community, i figured i should try to give back in the form of this review and hopefully many more to come throughout the months and years.  thanks for all of your guys' advice and thanks for reading!
  2. idvsego
    I actually like mine too, I just dont use them much anymore.  recently dusted them off and still enjoy them.  are they worth $80?  maybe maybe not.  they do sound pretty good in my opinion though.
  3. lebomb
    ............................  I like mine too.  [​IMG]
  4. Daydreamin747
    their best feature, to me, is their wonderful comfort.wore it on a 3 hour car ride and never hurt one bit [​IMG]
  5. idvsego
    They are nice and light, true.  I have sensitive ear canals though so for me a lot of removing and reseating gets uncomfortable for any with deep insertion.  for what you are talkign aobut, I love them...or sittign at my desk for stretches.

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