My sweet Friday gone Bad!!
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Wow, a SUV that rolled....that never happens. <rolleyes>

Next time buy a more stable vehicle.

Glad you're ok though. Sorry for the loss of your Oakleys (huge Oakley fan since '88).

Edit: I just saw the lifted truck you have with the skinny tires. Good luck...
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^^^ Lololololo
Thats some funny stuff!! The tires on the truck now aren't skinny at all, its just that the truck is so big. The tires are about 12-13" wide. They don't stick out as much as I'd like though.
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I was thinking about some of those Austin, and I have read that its bad for bearings. A lot of truck lifts have "track width" in the front...Im not sure about the spacers. I may get another 6" lift that has the same track width in the back.
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GM products are notorious for having the back tires spaced narrower than the front. I hate that look. If you do get spacers, do your research 1st. Some are crap, and absolutely dangerous.

I have a '91 Chevy 4x4 regular cab long bed 3/4 tom with 1 ton suspension and axles with 31" tires (no lift). It's a real tank. I am considering some rear spacers to make the wheels/tires even, and to increase stability. My rear suspension has so little give that off road bumps cause the rear end to want to drift. I've lost control of it before, but I go slow enough as to be able to stop before crashing. It's all about keeping the speed within a safe limit for the surface you're driving on. I learned how to drive in a 4x4 off road. My father said if you can control this, paved roads are a breeze. Smart guy!

As far as bad for the bearings: You're running larger tires and wheels which isn't exactly good for the bearings. You're running a lifted vehicle which wreaks havoc on the drive line angles. Spacers on the rear are ok on the bearings for a solid axle. Its on an independent suspension that spacers are bad.
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Its funny you say you hate that look, cause so do I!!! I'm reading now and it seems some people are running them, its actually more common than I thought. And yes, a good top quality brand is a must!! I'll keep looking, because I'd like the wheel base to be as wide as possible. Thanks for that suggestion.
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Glad I could help.

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