My starter setup and give me some recommendations?
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May 14, 2011
Hello. I'm a new member in this forum and I've only taken interest in audio quality, about 1 month ago. 
My current use is:
Audio Technica ATH Pro700 (NOT the MK2!)
Apple Ipod Touch 
Galaxy Tab (7 Inch)
Iphone 3G
Music bitrate: 320kbps
Genres: mainly DJ stuff <--- Electronics
open to all genres except heavy metal 
I've recently purchased the Fiio E7 DAC/AMP with Fiio L3 Usb off Amazon. I went ahead with this product after reading reviews about it. My friend owns this and he greatly recommend them, so, I concluded that it's a good quality/price (I know I've not tried them yet but my opinion of it is supported based on other people's opinion). But hey, that's why we have reviews right?
It's in my part for being impatient to get a good DAC/AMP without even inquiring opinions from the experienced or the experts.  
What I want is to ensure that I've picked the correct DAC/AMP for my headphone.Does anyone have the same setup as the one above? Your opinion may sound more convincing.  
Here is a some question I'd like to throw out:-
Will it give significant performance in the audio reproduced by the headphone?
Here are some heads up: 
I like the smooth design of the Fiio E7
It's a little thick but I have no problem with that
The volume and bass setting control is nice 
Portability can be justified to my lifestyle, depending in it's size and requirements
Some recommendations needed:
Alternative DAC/AMP combo
I seriously want a replacement pads for the headphone. It's not soft, but very hard (in my opinion). It causes an irritation to my ear after wearing it 1hr+. Sometimes, I can wear it constantly for 4-5hrs with minimal/very little irritation (ONLY when I'm listening to lossless audio). The difference being is that 320kbps makes hiss'. The noise isolation of the headphone is great though, I listen loud musics (full sound volume) in quiet places and people can't or can hardly hear it. 
I want earpads that are comfortable that will still give a good noise isolation. It can be thick, but not too thick as the ATH Pro 700 are prone to headband damage because of its plastic build. 
That's all. Thank you to whoever will be willing to help me out. 
Edit: I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm guessing this is categorized as portable headphone? 
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Jun 6, 2007
Any hiss you get is probably from your source. 
Sennheiser HD-25 II. These honestly have no weaknesses in my opinion and I'm sure others will chime in. They are universally good at everything in a closed headphone and they're extremely portable. Don't let their relatively small stature fool you, this is probably one of the best portable headphones you can buy. They're fairly amazing even when compared to their open-aired brothers the HD series.
If you don't mind having an open headphone that doesn't block out sound, give Grados a try. They're my headphone of choice sheerly for the midrange response and the looks.
If you want to know what kind of music I prefer. I actually listen to movie soundtracks played by orchestras so there obviously is a lot of everything so I personally pick my cans based on that. I listen to a lot of guitar instrumentals as well.
Just because you have decent headphones now, go listen to this to get an idea of what I listen to and my preferences for sound. The quality is definitely good enough for you to hear small details. You can hear the slightest pinging of the cymbals at 35 seconds if you have good cans. Enjoy!
Welcome to Head-Fi and happy listening!
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Mar 25, 2011
For a less expensive portable headphone, you might consider the Sennheiser PX 100-IIi (an Apple friendly headset). I find the sound not as bad as you might think, but the comfort can be lacking (I can only go about 2 hrs.). The mic is convenient if you talk much on that iPhone. I'm not in love with my PX100s, but they destroy Apple's stock buds; and they are more than good enough for my on-the-go purposes. If you don't mind something bigger and open, the Grado SR60s work reasonably well - although my SR60s now live in an office drawer instead of my backpack.
Since you already have a closed headphone, you might want to audition a few open full-size headphones. Get a feel for what you like, and then think about DAC/Amp alternatives as you will probably want to match the latter to your favorite headphones.
Happy hunting!

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