my right ear is low-fi
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Aug 18, 2004
So I always thought it was weird that cymbals, high hats, etc always seem to come from the left when listening to music. Well I finally got around to switching the channels. Unfortunately, it isn't the music, but my ears!

It's like there's a relatively thick veil or low even iBuds on my right side, probably from listening / concert habits before I really got into audio and hearing.

I went to a ENT doctor a couple years ago speaking of the problem, but he tested my hearing and said nothing was wrong - in fact I heard better in my right ear. Looking back, I realize now that the frequencies he tested were like 6KHz and below. I remember asking them if they had higher frequencies to test but they said no

I tried using earplugs on the right side all the time to maybe increase its sensitivity but now am trying the opposite, at least in low volume environments - hoping to give my brain experience sorting out sounds with the data from the left ear.

Can't wait for ear hair regrowth technologies.. save your ears everyone!

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