My Porta Pro broke, replacement at about 100$?
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Nov 13, 2008

my beloved Koss Porta Pro (my second pair of those) broke :frowning2:

At the moment I am forced to use my cheap headset (Philips SHM3300 which I got for 6 EURs a few years ago for skypeing) to hear music. And well it isn't fun at all, it sounds horrible. (And weird: You can even find good user reviews of those on some german websites)

I used Koss Porta Pro the last years. Never used more expensive headphones and was quite happy with them. ( using an iPod 5.5G, my laptop (onboard sound) and sometimes a standalone CD-Player as source). I like their somewhat bass heavy "fun" sound. I also heave a pair of Sennheiser PX200 (also half broken), but I never really liked their sound.

They are pretty cheap these days, arround 25 EUR ~ 31 $ in Germany. So I first thought about just getting a new one. But well after more than 8 years with Porta Pros I think it should move on and try something different. Hopefully something "better" and propably a little more expensive. I am willing to spend about 100$.

What would you recommend knowing that I am coming from a Porta Pro and liked their sound. I think I will not like a very "neutral sounding" headphone.

Oh and what music I am hearing? Mostly Indie Pop and Rock, but also Punk/Post Hardcore. (Some examples include: Elliott Smith, The Shins, Dresden Dolls, Belle And Sebastian, Refused, Hot Water Music, Sophia, Weakerthans, Two Gallants, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Pixies)


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Originally Posted by Reticuli2 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Koss has a lifetime unconditional warranty.

I'm not sure if it applies over where he lives, but in the US we pay 6 bucks plus shipping to have them repaired by the warrantry.

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