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Jul 19, 2011
Good day, I am planning to sell my personal set of Magnums as i love modding and want to reconstruct another whole new magnum again. I also use them only twice a week for 2 hours for each time as i work as a graphic designer from 9am-9pm and only use them at home. Non smoking household. I have auditioned these against PS500's and these magnums beat them flat down.

The silver cable in my opinion really keeps the sound detailed at the same time without it loosing warmth. I chose sliver cable as I thought that having copper on it would make the sound too warm and colored from my liking. These were built to my specific preferences in looks and sound. I did not want a bright sounding headphone, love slight coloration and warmth without the highs being too harsh so the mods ; the wood cups and silver cable were meant to balance the sound signature to give me the sound i wanted. It did. =) The PS500's were the type of sound i was looking for, only IMO my magnums did it better.

The main reason why I am selling these is that I plan to make a documentary of creating a magnum / tutorials featuring all the mods and am trying to fund buying all the parts again. I have already bought metal cups from the SR325is, have an onyx manta ready, plan to order the drivers from Rhydon again, ordered another cable. I cannot do a reassembly of my current magnums as it would mean me disassembling everything and reassembling it again to be filmed. I would prefer to sell these off and purchase parts again for the sake of the tutorials and filming. I really feel that having a tutorials on soldering, installing headband and the magnum mod would be of interest to the head-fi community which is why I would like to mod again from scratch without this headphone in the way =) I really am sad that i have to sell a headphone i love and would probably not be able to get the sound signature the same when i do the mod for the second time for the sake of filming, but it is a coin toss and I need to start from scratch for filming.

here is another picture of my magnums

I plan to sell them at 350usd (excluding shipping with tracking worldwide) in order to fund another magnum build.

The amount which i spent on this magnum build is as follows:

SR60i : 79USD (for the gimbals and rodblocks)
Cabillas Sapele Wood Cups (modded with stainless steel mesh, cups were crafted in spain) :70 USD
V4 Magnum Drivers + shipping : 142.08 USD
4ft Silver ray cable valabs rhodium plated plug, mdpc-x grey sleeving, viablue Y-connect : 120 USD
Onyx Manta Headband (which i will personally replace with a new one : 50USD

can include stock sr60i cable and drivers upon request

My email is You could pm or email me if interested. 
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