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Still don't work so i emailed tech support...


The site seems to be still down for me, it has been 3 days since it went live when i change over the DNS server but i still cannot view it in my home (I did for a bit but now its down). It works for some friends in other part of the country but i am still having problems seeing it. Not only that, my emails xxx at raymondlin dot net also stops functioning too, outlook cannot retrieve it, and i can't get to my control panel in the email too.........which is really odd, i have tried both FF and IE so its not a browser problem.

The email control panel is locate at Index of / and that page doesn't even load up for me.


and then he emailed back with this.


what DNS numbers did you direct your domain name to. IT should be:

not that there is no D at the beginning of the DNS numbers.


So i wrote back with


This is what i put in as that is what you gave me.



> 1. Call the company who registered your domain
> ( if you have already been contacted by Whitney regarding a domain you purchased through us ... then you are set to go live!)
> 2. Ask your domain company to rename your name servers to these settings below

Who is right? Is there a D at the start of the numbers?
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It cannot load the page for me, currently with Zen in the UK.

However, I get a response when I ping Raymond Lin - Creative Photography, the address is:

This takes me to a swsoft PLESK default page.

EDIT: Just tried and now it's working.
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this is strange, how can it be working for some and not others

that could imply thats its still in the process of propagating out which can take days.

but i would have thought your hosting company would have simply told you that!

as dork says, a ping resolves itself to:

and upon browsing that IP - takes you to an apache control panel

looks to me like the IP they have allocated your domain name, isnt being pointed to the correct page - which i suspect is caused by an incorrect DNS entry!

although it still puzzles me as to why some people can get your page no problems, unless its my first point
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It's nothing to do with the cache, whoops, nice call Quaddy - I didn't realise I missed the one of the IP.
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Yeah, both work fine here and both show the same IP and DNS Servers when you do a Whois.
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It works for me now in NYC since yesterday night.

The site is pretty cool.
I hope it works out well for you. Did you make it yourself and is it easy to maintain?
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Buttery smooth from Boston. I love your My Secret Childhood blurb, that's some quality writing. (Oh, yeah, and the photos are good too... I guess
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Working for me now.

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