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My list of UI improvement suggestions and whatnot

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by currawong, May 6, 2010.
  1. Deep Funk
    So much whiteness... It is toned down and yes the posts do not really fill up like 'old' Head-Fi which could be nice if you are writing an essay-like reply to a post, otherwise it is too big...
  2. Nakattack
    The lack of page numbers under threads is also infuriating, because now I can't jump to a page, or quickly see how old a thread is. This new layout is nothing but annoying, and I really don't see the improvement.
  3. MadMan007


    I read this thread intending to post exactly this comment. We NEED to have direct links to pages in a thread. Given how long threads can get on Head-Fi it's inexcusable to not have this function.
    I also don't see the improvement but I can gue$$ what the 'improvement' really is *ahem*
  4. Deep Funk

    Some things are a bit hidden, annoying still...
  5. MiG(TM)
    I don't like the inconsistent fonts and the wideness of the forums, which on big monitors makes lines too wide thus making it a pain to read. [​IMG]
    The whole thing just seems harder to read to me. 
    Theres also so much bloat been added I don't know where to start...
    And why are avatars bigger? I much prefer user details on the left too, seems silly taking up horizontal room. Ads should be on the top too and not on the side bar
  6. ford2
    The ONLY forum where my eyes are suffering after a mere 5 minutes,the type the colour,everything is just wrong.
    Why do not the people who designed this site go back and have a good LOOK at the old one,and LEARN how a combination of type/colours etc works.
  7. ZeNmAc

    Exactly.  I mean if you look at the site it looks really nice with the new font, but there is a reason most sites stick to times new roman.  It is much easier to read.  I'm actually surprised how much harder it is to read now.  The letters are too big and too wide so the spacing is thrown off.  I've even lost my place while reading a post several times.
  8. Mad Max

    Have you tried zooming out? Helps a bit, but still annoying that you have to do so at all.
    Edit: We could use page numbers in our message boxes and what not. If one has lots of PMs. one has to go through every page one at a time to reach certain pages. It was better to be able to reach any page at the [single] click of a button like before.
  9. Currawong Contributor
    I thought I'd go through my list again to see what I could finally delete, and the answer was: nothing.  Though about half my suggestions would only take a couple of minutes of changes to the CSS, they seem to have been completely ignored. [​IMG]
    In fact, I will need to add some more things, like the alignment of the icons and text in the "Forum Nav" below the posts, which are respectively on the right, not at all, on the left, then on the right. UI consistency fail.
    Edit: They did fix the posts to look a little more like VB 3 posts.  However, I DO think VB3 is quite ugly, so, other than not pissing off a few people who can't handle a bit of a colour change, I don't see the need to duplicate it.  The time zone on edits is now fixed from what I can see too.
  10. Currawong Contributor
    Ok, it looks like we are making progress.  I haven't added in copious abuse about, say, the WYSIWYG editor as functionality is a whole other issue I'd need to start a whole new thread on and everyone knows it needs to be redone.
  11. Mad Max


    What's wrong with the editor?
    I did notice a few bugs but nothing serious.  Didn't even take note of them.
  12. Currawong Contributor
    There's no BBCode and the editor is randomly buggy, performance varying wildly depending on what browser is being used.  The same goes for every other WYSIWYG editor I've used though, so it's not unique to this one.
  13. majkel
    The "Mark forums read" option disappeared from the New Posts search result view. I want it back. Too much clicking now.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    It has been bugging me for a while that there appeared to be no "end" to the new posts. It just ends up heading to non-bolded titles at some or other point.  
  15. Mad Max


    I know some people will definitely disagree, but I actually like that the BBCode is gone.  The editor has been okay for me in Firefox.
    I usually sort things out the the html code itself, so I'm cool.  BBCode is definitely more convenient and simpler for others, though.

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