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My list of UI improvement suggestions and whatnot

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by currawong, May 6, 2010.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    I figured I'd collect all my suggestions about the UI into one post.  Most of this is VBulletin functionality that I imagine the developers haven't created for the software yet, but quite a bit is simple stuff like font sizes and whatnot.
    1. A larger username size in posts I think would be better. I can't be bothered, I'm used to the way it is now.
    2. "Edited by" text in posts smaller and in italics (more like VB had it) and generated dynamically to account for the view's time zone.  It's wasn't whatever time it shows me as having edited it here.  Edit: The time zone is fixed, but I reckon the text still needs to be italicised.
    3. Post date and time should be in white if on such a dark background colour or have a lighter background colour to make it easier to read. Edit: They've fixed it now.
    4. "New thread", "Advanced reply" and the like should be large buttons in the manner of VBulletin.  I find it a bit annoying I had to search for a 9-point text link to post a new thread here.  Though that's me having to adapt my brain to the new layout, it means every new person is going to have a hard time figuring it out as well. Edit: The text is now larger and has icons, which is marginally better, but not as nice as buttons.  Fixed.
    5. As a contributor, I'd like to be able to get ride of the right side-bar entirely.  
    6. Header forum navigation and "X New messages" and whatnot should be in a larger font size. See the graphic at the bottom of this post.
    7. Put all the user-related stuff, such as username, number of new messages in the header and other stuff such as messages directed to individual users in a box with the same colour background so that it's clear what is directly related to the individual user, even if it isn't in the same spot on the page.  Have the option of highlighting the user's posts slightly too so i can quickly visually see where I've posted while scrolling through a thread.  
    8. Move the individual profile sections into tabs instead of one long page. It's already there for the edit features, so why not for the rest of it?
    9. Put lines between or box the section of the profile (already suggested) as it looks like a mess presently.
    10. The biography section of the user profile needs to be able to be somewhat longer.
    11. Mousing over the title of a thread on the front page/in the subscribed threads page should (using ajax) bring up the first few dozen words of the first post, as VB does.  Edit: I did find the "+" button which does much the same thing but it only shows the last few posts, which isn't always helpful, though for my subscriptions it is.
    12. Keep signatures short (5 lines) and push everyone to list their gear.  Then in posts have an ajax "Gear list and music" link top right with the other info that brings up the user's list of gear and music people like so that it's easy to see at a glance.  This will avoid the signature spam yet not require a click away from a thread to see what gear people are using.
    13. I want to be able to exclude individual forums when I see recent threads. This was a hidden feature in VBulletin.
    14. User profiles need a link to "show all threads" to list threads started by the user.  You can't even do this in advanced search.  Fixed.
    15. iPhone compatibility with zero ads is needed. I know Head-fi is kept afloat partially by ad revenue, but seriously, who clicks on an ad from their iphone?  People aren't going to even try that hard to read Head-fi if it's high-bandwidth and they'll read it zoomed into the main column, where the ads aren't visible anyway.  Edit: Jude has said that mobile browsing support is a priority, which I hope includes a "no ads" iphone version. 
    16. You NEED a low-bandwidth option, with all the images and ajax removed.  People in quite a few countries have serious problems reading head-fi because of government or other restrictions on the internet  and while the functionality is great, you're effectively isolating them with all the fancy stuff. Edit: I just measured: A thread page loads about 1MB (!!!) of data.  Half of that is Yahoo API stuff, which admittedly will be cached by the browser, but 500k for a page load is massive. Edit 2: The auto-loading of images only when you scroll down helps considerably.
    17. There isn't a list of staff nor an obvious means to contact Head-fi or a moderator if you don't already know who they are.
    18. We need BBCode back. Edit: Jude has this as a priority.
    19. Can the "remember me" checkbox at log-in remember me permanently instead of logging me off after a few hours? If I'm at home I never log out and never want to. Edit: I seem to stay logged in now. Edit 2: I sometimes, even if I delete cookies and re-log-in, seem to be getting randomly logged out.
    20. Adding tags for quite a few products means the right column fills up with excessively large Amazon links.  I'm sure that, knowing this, people will deliberately AVOID tagging threads for this reason, which negates the point of the tagging system entirely.  The tagging system should be useful to help people find discussions about gear IMO, not just to link to products sold by Amazon.
    Edit: I've re-described some of this using Skitch.  To me, it looks as if two people or teams were working on the design, one team who knew exactly what they were doing (see the "Home" etc buttons), then another team who only had people who can kludge (see the "Forum Nav" and the user info corner).  Let me say that "Nav" is not a word.  If it's an abbreviation, it should have a full stop after it. Fixed.
    Head-fi CSS in header fail.png
    Edit: The Forum Nav looks somewhat better now, but please put in that box, and/or choose a colour to shade posts and parts of the page only related to the user as I have suggested above.
  2. ShinyFalcon
    Please don't make the quick reply Java based. I lost a really large post by accidentally pressing back. Usually Ctrl-Z will bring whatever I was typing back, but not with this flash/java/whatever style quick reply.
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  3. Currawong Contributor
    Having quick reply Ajax based is good for saving on bandwidth. If your browser didn't save something you typed in a box, that's a problem with your browswer, not the forum. My suggestions have to do with having the option to switch some or all of the Ajax off for various reasons.
  4. JeckyllAndHyde
    One of the reason can be mobile browsing - its impossible to reply now :frowning2:
  5. Currawong Contributor
    What phone do you have? I guess it's not an iPhone. 
  6. ZeNmAc
    The new font is harder to read, especially for long posts.  The letters are too wide and round.  It definitely looks nicer when you glance at a page of it, but it is a lot harder to read than Times New Roman or something equivalent to that.  BTW when did head-fi change the looks?  It was about a week ago?  I haven't been very active on here recently.
  7. Deep Funk
    I am not quite thrilled or unhappy with the changes. Most things do work. The little things bother me.
  8. bcpk
    Please add down-ranking.
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  9. Currawong Contributor
    bcpk: As having previously been a forum admin and run a number of communities, I'd strongly recommend against that suggestion, just thought I'd say.  :)
  10. bcpk
    I felt it was relevant to this thread.
  11. Currawong Contributor
    Bumping this as I've added, in the wake of the thread that may have been broken by excessive tagging: Adding tags means the right column fills up with excessively large Amazon links. I'm sure that, knowing this, people will deliberately AVOID tagging threads for this reason, which negates the point of the tagging system entirely. The tagging system should be useful to help people find discussions about gear IMO.
  12. Head Injury
    Quick suggestion of my own:
    Have the product's link in someone's list go to that product's page, rather than a 95% useless page that remains part of the list. That's not very clear. Okay, so if I'm in MacedonianHero's list page, and I want to check out what all the ruckus about the Tesla T1 being awesome is all about, when I click on the name of the T1 in his list that should take me here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/beyerdynamic-tesla-t1 rather than here: http://www.head-fi.org/lists/display/view_item/id/21904. Maybe has a separate, smaller link to that second page.
    Also, how do I set up a URL link so that it's named something other than the link's address?
    Also, get rid of the two blank lines preceded quotations. Being the obsessive-compulsive that I am, I have to delete them every time, and it's annoying.
  13. krmathis Contributor
    I support Currawongon on the improvements/regressions he mention.
  14. Graphicism Contributor
    Overall I'd say smaller text, the input text is massive!
    And get rid of the review junk to the right and replace with posts you're active in.
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  15. Jubei
    Talking about waste of space etc, I just did a reply to a post and the quoted post is humongous! There is a good couple of extra line spaces between the id of the quoted post and the actual content of the quoted post. Needs to be addressed!
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