My Klipsch Image X10 is ripping apart! Recommendation for a similar IEM?
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Oct 21, 2007
Hey guys,

I know this should be in the portable forum but I always get better responses in here regarding portable equipment.



I have an issue with my Klipsch Image IEM. The rubber pieces are ripping apart and it will eventually just come off. So now, I have to send these off to Klipsch to get them repaired or replaced. Instead of this happening again, I would prefer something similar but more durable quality.

I have used these everywhere I went because of its great comfort, excellent sound isolation, and of course excellent sound quality. I always took these with my studying and working out sessions. I listen mostly to electronica and trance.

I am guessing that if I use IEM for working out, I should stay away from rubber?

My main goal is to find a similar IEM to the Klipchs Images that can take abuse.

I already tried the vibes, Atrio m5 and they did not work out for me.

Any suggestions would be very helpful!

I have to stress again though, comfort is extremely important for me, isolation would be the next important quality.
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Dec 26, 2007
Shame about your Klipsch X10s doing that, but it only affected the rubber strain relief? Might be good to get some heat shrink wrap to add further support to it.

The only other earphone besides the Klipsch that I read up on that appear to be almost as comfortable would be the Sleek SA6. Plus those have interchangeable parts and cables which may be a solution for you. There are a few Head-Fi peeps that post in the portable forum that have owned both and say they are both remarkably similar in sound quality, with the Sleeks having better midrange and the Klipsch having better bass.

All in all goodluck with your search, but comfort-wise I have a feeling nothing will touch the Klipsch with everything else thats out there atm.

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