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My JH Audio cables break faster than a Kardashian marriage.

  1. EllisU
    Howdy all. 
    Several years ago I purchased a pair of JH-16s and have never, in terms of sound quality, regretted my decision. However, the stock cables have failed me so many times I want to hang myself with them, but I know they would just break again, forcing me to order yet another pair. I just tallied my receipts with JH and found I have ordered THIRTEEN pairs of replacements cables in the last 2.5 years. That totals more than $400 on replacement cables. I could buy, well, a bunch of other things that will break for that money. 
    Now, to be fair, I must admit that my 16s are worn in a torturous environment rarely seen by most (Americans): the gym. Truth is, I am a gym rat and spend a few hours everyday sweating like a guerrilla in a guerrilla suit. I mainly lift weights, so there are always bars banging the cable and awkward movements pulling the cable. Inevitably, the cable will fail at one of the ear plugs or the splitter. All too often, this happens during the highly-motivating crescendo in "Eye of the Tiger," robbing me of the energy I need to finish my last rep. Two words: chest injury. 
    All joking aside, I am really frustrated with the cables. I certainly don't want to order more expensive cables, as they may be able to support my weight during hanging. However, I also don't want to fund Jerry's ongoing tattoo work with monthly cable buys. So, can anybody recommend relatively inexpensive cables a bit more gym-resistant than the JH cables? 
    I am also considering an alternate pair of earphones for gym use, but don't want to sacrifice sound quality significantly. The Shure 846s seem to fit the bill, assuming durability would be superior to the JH product. 
    Any other potential solutions? I have already broken my new year's resolution to quit going to the gym....
    Thanks in advance,
  2. bangkokkid
    From one gym rat to another, I'll send you a cable on us. PM me your preferred shipping address!
  3. Deviltooth
    I'm a little shocked the JH16s haven't died on you.  In general balanced armatures and moisture don't go well together.
    My answer to regular gym visits are cheaper dynamic driver IEMs.  I find they tend to last 6 to 8 months before something goes 'boom' but if it was only $40 then there's no pain.

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