My introduction and first question.
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Oct 20, 2015
Hello there, I'm just some weird geek who happened to have wondered into this awesome forums. The things that interest me include electric violins, audio recording, photography and locksmithing. What brought me into this forums was my research into a particularly hated (and way over priced pair of headphones I found on eBay. They are $300 headphones normally,but I found a pair of busted up ones on eBay for $16. So, thought that might make a cool rebuild video for Youtube. I need help into identifying these headphones as they make several versions of them. Would it be ok with the Admins if I posted four pictures of theme to help others ID the set? This is what I know so far about these headphones. (Please don't laugh, I did not pay full price for them and only bought them for a mod job) They are lol, Beats Studio by Dre. Yes, I know they suck for the retail price, so don't go too hard on me. They are black with a grey emblem on the side. There are no chrome bands on the inside of the headband(that I can tell from the photos) on the outside of the headband on the right there is a grey label with Studio written in grey. I do have four photos,but not sure if I am allowed to post them or not. I plan on rebuilding these as I can find plenty of replacement parts. So, why not? Beats (pun intended) paying full gouging price for them.  Thanks for reading this and I look forward to any suggestions and help. :)
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Beats might be harder to fix considering the electronics inside... what exactly is wrong with them? Check your PM box, there'll be a message that tells you when you can post photos... or use an image hosting site.

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