My IEM membranes are broken. Has it ever happened to you?
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May 18, 2015
Hello, while trying to change the eartips I broke the membranes on both of the earpieces of my SoundMagic E10S IEMs.    
Can I fix them myself? Maybe some DIY membranes are for sale. I may visit some specialist who might be able to fix it.

Has it ever happened to you? I'm wondering if the membranes are weak on these particular IEMs. I haven't found anyone describing this happening to them. Maybe because warranty quickly solves it for them.
It is extremely difficult to put some of the eartips onto my IEMs. They eventually destroyed the membranes, and I still haven't been able to put them on.

Also, is it fine if I listen to music without the membranes?

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Feb 11, 2012
That right there is what we call the nozzle mesh which is basically a thin piece of grill or fabric glued onto the nozzle. It won't harm the drivers or sound reproduction, its there to stop wax and grit going in onto the driver. When it comes off like that (probably because it wasn't glued correctly at the factory you're usually stuck without many options, but there are tips you can buy that have a grill in them already or meshing.
 You could try for a return if the option is available. (but you have not hurt the driver inside) Alternatively make something up yourself from a teabag or filter paper then place the tip over the top. Honestly though, for the price of E10s I'd just put some tips on and use them, what's done is done.

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